RW-01 wheel load scale

RW-01 wheel load scale
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Wheel load scale RW-01 With the wheel load scale RW-01 you get a platform scale which is... mehr
"RW-01 wheel load scale"

Wheel load scale RW-01

With the wheel load scale RW-01 you get a platform scale which is especially suitable for smaller vehicles. Cars, trailers and caravans can be reliably weighed. This wheel load scale with a loading area of 400 x 300 mm is also used in motor sports.

The wheel load scale RW-01 is available in the following weighing ranges

Ø600 kg,            Resolution 200 g,        calibrated value200 g

Ø1 500 kg,         Resolution 500 g,        calibrated value500 g

Ø3 000 kg,         Resolution1 000 g,     calibrated value 1.000 g, high resolution 100 g

Ø6 000 kg,         Resolution2 000 g,     calibrated value 2.000 g, high resolution 200 g

Ø8 000 kg,         Resolution5 000 g,     calibrated value  5.000 g, high resolution 500 g

The weighing range starts at 0 kg, on verified scales the minimum load is 20 x verification scale interval. The weight below the minimum load is displayed, but may not be used in legal metrology.


The wheel load scale RW-01 is also made of high-strength anodized aluminum. The patented design allows an especially flat construction, which allows the drive-on without ramps. The weighing technology is built into theplatform scale. The load cells are made of alloyed steel.

Protection class

A high degree of protection is important for outdoor use. Our wheel load scales have an IP68 protection class, which means that the platform can also withstand permanent submersion. The RW-01 wheel load scale is therefore equipped for all applications.


The wheel load scale can be used individually or connected in series. In this way, an axle load scale or a truck scale can be generated from several platforms. It is also possible to determine the centre of gravity with the appropriate software. Thus the wheel load scale RW-01 is also suitable as a mobile machine scale.

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