Lift table with scale HT-01

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"Lift table with scale HT-01"

lifting tablw with schale HAT-01 | OMEGA Waagen GmbH  

The lifting table with HT-01 scale from OMEGA Waagen GmbH is available in three versions. Ideal as an ergonomic workstation for loading, filling or unloading machines, shelves or production lines.

By adjusting the working height, it is possible to work without strain on the back. High-quality workmanship in various load ranges allows a wide range of applications.

weight determination with the HAT-01 lift Table

Before loading, the scale is set to zero. Now the material is applied and the weight is determined by means of the 4 high-quality load cells. Resolutions of 50 g are realizable and therefore much higher than most competitors. This also allows the picking of small and light parts.

Versions of our lifting tables HT-01 

We offer the HT-01 lifting table in various sizes and load ranges. All have high quality and durable polyurethane wheels. These enable continuous use in all industrial applications. The following table clearly shows the individual versions.






Weighing range

500 kg

1.000 kg

1.500 kg


50 g

100 g

200 g

Load capacity

800 kg

1.000 kg

1.500 kg

Lifting range

420 – 1.000 mm

380 – 1.000 mm

420 – 1.000 mm

Platform size

1.000 x 510 mm

1.020 x 510 mm

1.220 x 600 mm

Total length

1.330 mm

1.330 mm

1.500 mm

Total width

575 mm

610 mm

700 mm

Handle height

990 mm

950 mm

950 mm

Own weight

140 kg

140 kg

160 kg


The high-resolution weighing range is a truly unique selling point. We achieve at least twice the resolution of our competitors. This is an enormous advantage, especially for counting applications. Equipped with our WA-01 evaluation electronics, continuous operation is also possible via the internal power supply. The charging process is carried out via the supplied USB plug-in power supply unit or mobile via a laptop.


The mobile use of the lift table with HT-01 scale is an enormous advantage. The picked material can be brought directly with the lift table to the place of use. Due to the quick height adjustment, ergonomic and back-friendly working is possible.

If the lift table is not needed, it can be stored in a space-saving way. The smooth-running polyurethane rollers make it possible to transport even heavy materials.

Our further range of mobile scales often complements the mobility and application possibilities of our lift table scale HT-01. Especially our table scales can be used as reference scales of very small unit weights. For suspended loads, our extensive range of crane scales is ideal. The lift trucks with scales are particularly suitable for transporting and weighing Euro pallets.



All mobile pallet trucks with scales of the HT-01 series can be equipped with a factory calibration or a DAkkS calibration. A factory calibration is always necessary if the scale is used in the field of a quality management system according to DIN EN ISO 9001.

The DAkkS calibration meets the high demands of the automotive industry and its suppliers. This type of documentation on calibration is always required when high precision is required.


High-quality steel in powder-coated surface forms the basis for a solid construction. The load cells are made of alloyed steel and meet even the highest demands on accuracy and reproducibility. Our scale indicator WA-01 is located in an elegant and functional aluminium housing.

We rely on quality from Germany and therefore the entire construction of the scale components is carried out in Germany. The housing of the scale display is milled from aluminium and the surface is refined by glass bead blasting. The front is additionally anodized in black.

The components for the actual scale, such as the load receptor and the load introducers, are also produced in Germany. This enables us to guarantee our customers a consistently high quality of our products.

Protection class

Our scales are used in industry, trade, logistics and agriculture. While many of our competitors use load cells with IP65 protection, we use at least IP67. As a result, we can guarantee a very high level of protection for weighing equipment against the penetration of moisture.

For some applications, however, this is not yet sufficient. For this reason, we also offer load cells with IP69K protection upon request. This also allows cleaning with a high-pressure cleaner or steam cleaner.

Accessories for HAT-01 lift table scales

The lift table is delivered fully functional and can be operated without any further accessories. However, some applications require higher performance, e.g. in data transmission. On request, we can equip the evaluation with a W-LAN module. Radio transmission or Bluetooth is also possible.

A rechargeable battery system is also available to provide 24/7 operation. We will be pleased to carry out customer-specific requests for your application in our own production facilities - please contact us.

Further advantages

The evaluation electronics is mounted on a rotatable and swivelling stand. This allows the display to be turned in the direction in which you are working. In many competitor products, the display is mounted statically on the handle side. This makes it impossible to read the display during loading and unloading.

The internal power supply is a milestone in scale technology. Until now, conventional, heavy lead accumulators have always been used. These had to be charged with a power supply unit, which was not always traceable. Procuring another one is time and cost intensive. Our power supply can easily be charged via USB. If the included power supply is not at hand, you can also use any other USB charger. A notebook can also be used for the charging process. Up to 36 hours of continuous operation are possible with one charge. If this is not enough, a second internal power supply can be used to enable 24/7 operation.

A not inconsiderable advantage is the pricing. With our lifting tables lie

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