Crane scale KW-04

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Crane scale KW-04   Our crane scale KW-04 has a high capacity for industrial... mehr
"Crane scale KW-04"

Crane scale KW-04


Our crane scale KW-04 has a high capacity for industrial weighing. It is easy to use and is suitable from commercial warehouses to the most adverse environments. 

Due to the double safety system, only one installation is needed to be permanently ready for use on the lifting system.

It is extremely compact in height and guarantees minimum space requirements.


The KW-04 models up to 15.000 kg are delivered with a test certificate. For higher capacity versions, the certificate is available on request.

Technical data   Ø Double safety system for permanent installation in the... mehr

Technical data


ØDouble safety system for permanent installation in the lifting system; recommended for lifting 

and moving the attached load.

ØConforms to the 2006/42 CE, UNI EN 13155/2009, UNI EN 13889, 2014/30/EU directives.

ØDisplay with red 40mm LEDs;

ØSplashproof keyboard with 5 keys: ZERO, AUTOMATIC TARE, MODE, PRINT 

and on/off;

ØPlexiglas draft shield for display and keypad

ØAdjustable operating modes: PEAK (maximum displayed value), HOLD (hold function for the 

weighed weight value), weight summation.

ØAccuracy: +/- 0.03% of the weighing range (F.S.)

ØExtremely rugged construction in painted sheet iron (fire-hardened), with IP67 protection (dirt 

and moisture).

ØWeight: 86 kg, with packaging 103 kg

ØStandard radio remote control with 6 buttons, 433 MHz, range up to 50m. From customer 

configurable as a tare trigger or remote keypad.

ØStandard replaceable battery compartment with a running time of approx. 60 hours, intended for 

Combination with option MCWHBK for continuous 24/24h operation of the crane scale. Battery charger as standard.

ØDigital setup and calibration using a sample weight; directly from keypad 


Øoperating temperature: -10/+80ºC with heat shield option (-10/+40ºC for CE-M approved model)

ØProgrammable digital filter and automatic switch-off (battery saving mode)

ØSerial power supply 230 VAC 50Hz, for recharging the battery.

Here you will find all necessary downloads for  KW-04 :   Ø Instruction... mehr

Here you will find all necessary downloads for KW-04:


ØInstruction manual

ØTechnical User Manual

ØTechnical drawings

The  crane scale KW-04  is delivered ready for use. Our accessories complete the... mehr

The crane scale KW-04 is delivered ready for use. Our accessories complete the possibilities of use and simplify the processes:


ØRechargeable battery set


ØHeat protection shield

Øexternal radio module

ØInternal radio module

ØReal time clock

ØAlibi memory

ØInternal Bluetooth interface

ØIntegrated WIFI interface

Ørotatable under hook

ØFixed hook

ØConnecting ring

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