Crane Scale KW-02

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Crane scale KW-02    Our digital crane scale made of stainless steel is... mehr
"Crane Scale KW-02"

Crane scale KW-02 


Our digital crane scale made of stainless steel is protected against dust and splash water by the protection class IP67. The 40mm large DOT-LED display allows an optimal reading from every angle, no matter what the lighting conditions are.

The robust and reliable scale can be used perfectly indoors as well as outdoors. 


Models up to 15,000 kg are delivered with test certificate. For higher capacities the certificate is available on request.

Technical data of crane scale KW-02   Ø Single safety system for lifting and... mehr

Technical data of crane scale KW-02


ØSingle safety system for lifting and weighing the load.

ØConforms to the 2006/42 CE, UNI EN 13155/2009, UNI EN 13889, 2014/30/EU directives.

ØLarge, very bright red 40mm DOT LED display, perfect visibility of the weight from

every viewing angle, even from a great distance with direct sunlight, is guaranteed.

ØCan be used in any indoor or outdoor environment, good visibility even in 

  direct sunlight.

Adjustable brightness.

ØRugged stainless steel construction, with IP67 protection of the load cell and electronics against dirt 

and moisture.

ØEquipped with approved galvanized shackles:

GR6 for MCW09T3

GR6 for MCW09T6

GR9 for MCW09T9

GR12 for MCW09T12

GR17 for MCW09T17

GR25 for MCW09T25

GR35 for MCW09T30

GR55 for MCW09T50

ØDistance between upper and lower shackle greatly reduced.

ØAccuracy: +/- 0.05% of weighing range for MCW09T3, MCW09T6 and MCW09T9.

Accuracy: +/- 0.1% of the weighing range for MCW09T12, MCW09T17, MCW09T25, MCW09T30, 


ØWaterproof keyboard with 5 keys : ZERO, AUTOMATIC TARE, MODE, 


ØAdjustable digital filters, for reliable weight indication in any working environment.

ØConfigurable switch-off function, either via control buttons or remote control.

ØStandard radio remote control with 6 keys, configurable only for automatic tare or as 

Remote keyboard.

Prepared for 866MHz radio interface or WiFi (WLAN), for connection to PC or remote control.

Terminal and printer.

ØRechargeable battery with an average operating time of 30 hours.

Prepared for a second, optionally replaceable battery for continuous use 24/7.

ØEquipped with 230VAC 50Hz battery charger.

ØDigital adjustment and setup directly from keyboard or from PC with Dinitools.

ØOperating temperature range: -10/+40 ºC.

Here you will find all necessary downloads for the   KW-02:   Ø... mehr

Here you will find all necessary downloads for the KW-02:


ØInstruction manual

Øtechnical user manual

ØTechnical drawing

The  crane scale   KW-02   is delivered ready for use.  Our... mehr

The crane scale KW-02 is delivered ready for use.  Our accessories complete the possibilities 

of use and simplifies the processes: 


ØExternal radio module

ØInternal radio module

ØRechargeable battery pack 

ØAlibi memory Alibi

ØInternal Bluetooth interface

ØReal time clock 

ØRotatable under hook with safety lock 

ØConnection ring Verbindungsring

ØFixed hook


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