Crane scale KW-01

Crane scale KW-01
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  • 3-30-30-01
Crane scales KW-01    Our crane scale KW-01 is available in a practical... mehr
"Crane scale KW-01"

Crane scales KW-01 


Our crane scale KW-01 is available in a practical transport case, which offers protection against damage and dirt. This reliable crane scale is available in the weight ranges from 300 kg to 9.500 kg. With the digital crane scale you can lift and weigh loads. The compact dimensions hardly affect the lifting distance of the crane.


The calibratable versions can be used in the area of the 2014/31/EU directive. Designed as multi-range scales, higher resolutions can be achieved in the lower load ranges. This means you have practically 3 scales in one.

Technical data of crane scales KW-01   Ø Individual safety system for lifting... mehr

Technical data of crane scales KW-01


ØIndividual safety system for lifting and weighing the load.

ØComplies with the 2006/42 CE, UNI EN 13155/2009, UNI EN 13889, 2014/30/EU directives.

ØSupplied as standard with the following upper and lower shackles:

   GR3 for MCWNT1

   GR6 for MCWNT3

   GR6 for MCWNT6

   GR9 for MCWNT9.

ØGroβes LCD display 25 mm, backlit, easy to read in all visibility conditions.

ØCompact dimensions and minimum distance between upper and lower shackle.

ØAccuracy: +/- 0.03% of the weighing range (F.S.).

Ø5 operating keys, protected against moisture: ZERO, TARE (automatic or manual), MODE, PRINT

and ON/OFF.

ØRobust steel case, stove enamelled.

ØStandard IR remote control for distances up to 8 m. User configurable to autom. 

ØTare automatically or as remote keypad.

ØVoltage supply with 4 AA batteries/rechargeable batteries (charger not included), operating time

approx. 40 hours.

ØDigital programming or calibration with test weight from keyboard or from PC with Dinitools.

ØDigital filters and programmable switch-off.

ØWorking temperature -10°C to +40°C.

Ø RS232 serial port with RJ11 connector for quick programming with Dinitools.

ØSerienmäβiger Storage/transport case, dimensions (HxLxW) 175x480x390mm.

Here you will find the necessary downloads for  KW-01 :   Ø Instruction... mehr

Here you will find the necessary downloads for KW-01:


ØInstruction manual

ØTechnical User Manual

ØTechnical drawing  

The  crane scale KW-01  is delivered ready for use.  Our accessories complete... mehr

The crane scale KW-01 is delivered ready for use.  Our accessories complete the possibilities 

of use and simplifies the processes.  


ØExternal radio module

ØInternal radio module

ØRechargeable battery pack 

ØAlibi memory

ØInternal Bluetooth interface

ØReal time clock

ØRotatable under hook with safety lock 

ØConnecting ring

ØFixed hook


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