Crane scale KW-01 Crane scale KW-01
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Kranwaage KW-02 Crane Scale KW-02
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Kranwaage KW-03 - Front Crane Scale KW-03
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Kranwaage KW-04 - Front Crane scale KW-04
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Kranwaage KW-05 Crane scale KW-05
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Crane scale KW-01
Crane scale KW-01
Crane scales KW-01 Our crane scale KW-01 is available in a practical transport case, which offers protection against damage and dirt. This reliable crane scale is available in the weight ranges from 300 kg to 9.500 kg. With the digital...
ab 440,30 € * 487,90 € *
Kranwaage KW-04 - Front
Crane scale KW-04
Crane scale KW-04 Our crane scale KW-04 has a high capacity for industrial weighing. It is easy to use and is suitable from commercial warehouses to the most adverse environments. Due to the double safety system, only one installation is...
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Kranwaage KW-05
Crane scale KW-05
Crane scales KW-05 Our crane scale KW-05 is classified for weighing applications in hazardous ATEX areas and has the protection classes Ex II 2G IIC T4 Gb X and Ex II 2D IIIC T197°C Db X. The single safety system makes it suitable for...
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Kranwaage KW-03 - Front
Crane Scale KW-03
Crane scale KW-03 The KW-03 digital crane scale, made of stainless steel, is protected against dust and splash water with IP67 protection. It has a 40mm DOT LED display, for reading from any angle and in any lighting conditions. The...
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Kranwaage KW-02
Crane Scale KW-02
Crane scale KW-02 Our digital crane scale made of stainless steel is protected against dust and splash water by the protection class IP67. The 40mm large DOT-LED display allows an optimal reading from every angle, no matter what the...
ab 1.250,00 € *

Crane scales | OMEGA Waagen GmbH


Crane scales are used in many areas of application. On a crane, a trolley or other hanging weighing tasks. OMEGA Waagen GmbH supplies solutions for all areas of application from 300 kg to 50 t. Even smaller loads can be weighed when using S-shaped load cells in combination with an evaluation. ATEX applications and clean room applications are also possible.


The possible uses are as numerous as the tasks of our customers.


Quality characteristics


All scales from this product category are subjected to extensive quality tests before they leave our shipping department. A type approval is available in addition to many other approvals. This is how we ensure our high quality standard for our products.


Our certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001: 2015 requires a structured and planned production and testing process. All procedures are documented and we orient all scales to DIN 45501, which also represents the test procedures for verified scales.


In addition, all crane scales can also be equipped with a DAkkS calibration certificate. The required tests are carried out and documented in the certified test laboratory. This is how we ensure that our customers meet all of their customers' legal, in-house and requirements.




From small crane scales from 300 kg weighing range up to 50 t, everything is available in our delivery program. When using our S-shaped load cells, even very small loads can be weighed with the highest resolution. In this way, all areas of application can be covered. If 50 t is not sufficient, you can use strain gauges. These have nominal loads of up to 100 t.


Applications that require permanent installation of the crane scale can also be implemented. In addition, with some models it is also possible to move the attached loads. This means that the scale can remain in a trolley permanently, even during use.


Our crane scales provide a brief overview of the models:


Ø crane scale KW-01 / hanging scale


For nominal loads from 300 kg to 9,500 kg, verifiable, also as a multi-range scale


Ø crane scale KW-02 / hanging scale


For nominal loads from 3,000 kg to 50,000 kg, legal for trade, in a stainless steel housing


Ø KW-03 crane scale / hanging scale


For nominal loads from 300 kg to 1,500 kg, legal for trade, high-resolution


Ø crane scale KW-04 / hanging scale


For nominal loads from 6,000 kg to 25,000 kg, legal for trade, permanent installation


Ø crane scale KW-05 / hanging scale


For nominal loads from 600 kg to 6,000 kg, verifiable, ATEX approval


The optional ZA-01 secondary display enables the crane scale to be read and operated conveniently from the ground.


The size of the display is crucial in some applications and varies depending on the version. In order to cover all applications, we offer secondary displays, large displays and an app for Android devices for reading the weighing data.


Who wants to know exactly


The KW-01 crane scale is our cost-effective entry-level model for smaller loads. The single safety system for lifting and weighing. It meets the requirements of the guidelines


Ø 2006/42 / CE


Ø UNI EN 13155/2009


Ø UNI EN 13889


Ø 2014/30 / EU


The KW-01 hanging scale is supplied with lower and upper shackles as standard, which are designed according to the nominal load. A 25 mm large LCD display ensures good readability. Thanks to the backlight, the digits are still easy to read even in poor visibility.


It impresses with its very small dimensions and thus ensures a very small distance between the upper and lower shackles. This requires a very short stroke of the crane. The accuracy is +/- 0.03% of the weighing range and can therefore be neglected in most applications.


The steel housing is protected against corrosion by a stove enamel finish. An IR remote control enables the scale to be operated comfortably from a distance of up to 8 m.


The KW-02 crane scale is our professional for loads up to 50,000 kg! At the maximum nominal load, the high-quality hanging scale in a stainless steel housing provides resolutions of up to 10 kg. Designed for continuous operation, this scale can be operated with a removable battery system (optional). The 40 mm DOT-LED display is still easy to read from a distance. Particularly noteworthy is the very good readability from every angle, which is not the case with normal LCD displays. The weighing result can still be read even in direct sunlight.


The protection class IP67 in combination with the stainless steel housing also enables use outdoors. The KW-02 hanging scale also fulfills the requirements of the relevant and required guidelines and standards for safe use.

With the KW-03 crane scale, we provide a cost-effective hanging scale in a stainless steel housing for nominal loads up to 1,500 kg. In addition to the verifiable version, a high-resolution version is also available in the delivery program. The scale is operated via the supplied battery, which is charged via the plug-in power supply. Operation of up to 40 hours is possible with one battery charge.


We provide a special hanging scale for our users with our KW-04 crane scale. With this scale, lifting but also moving loads is possible and permitted. Most crane scales available on the market only allow lifting and weighing. If the goods to be weighed are then to be moved by crane, the scale must first be removed from the load area. The KW-04 crane scale may remain permanently in the lifting system. This is permitted by the double security system.


The particularly bright and splash-proof 40 mm LED display can be additionally protected against wind and weather by an additional plexiglass insert. With protection class IP67, this scale is also ideally suited for use outdoors.


Hanging scales are also used in the ATEX area. With our KW-05 crane scale, we provide our customers with a stainless steel scale with weighing ranges up to 6,000 kg. In addition to a legal-for-trade version, a high-resolution version is also available. The included battery ensures an operating time of up to 160 hours.


In addition to this small introduction to our range of crane scales, you will also find all information about the respective product directly on the article page. We provide you with all the information you need in various formats. You will also find a download area where you can find technical information and brochures on the product.


Our technical sales team is also happy to assist you.




As with our other products, we offer the crane scales in steel. The surface is supplied in a lacquered version. Some models are also available in stainless steel. Powder-coated or galvanized versions are also available on request.


The surface finish is of the usual high quality. The stainless steel versions are used in particular in the food and chemical industries. These are easy to clean.


Degree of protection


The crane scales are available up to protection class IP67. This also allows outdoor use in some models. The display is very easy to read, but can also be supplemented with a second display. The functions of the scale can also be conveniently operated remotely.


When using our free app, the weighing results can also be transferred to an Android device via Bluetooth.


ATEX approval


Crane scales are often used in potentially explosive areas. Many of our scales are ATEX approved. This extends the area of ​​application of our products to include the ATEX area.


The high level of protection is regulated in Directive 2014/34 / EU. The complex issues often require competent advice. We are happy to answer your questions and together we will find the right balance for your application. Feel free to contact us.




Our small crane scale KW-01 can be operated with standard batteries. The battery compartment for holding the 4 AA batteries is included in the scope of delivery of this balance. A power supply unit for charging the battery or for operating the scales is part of the delivery. All scales are delivered with shackles as standard.


Many models are available with a compact transport case. The scale can be stored and transported properly in this.






Optional accessories facilitate and expand the functionality of our products. High-quality accessories are also available for our crane scales. The ease of use is significantly increased by using our app or a remote control. Good for the user and the entire workflow. This can be significantly simplified and designed more effectively.


Our large displays can be combined with all crane scales from our delivery program. The GA-01 has a 100 mm LED display and offers protection class IP68 thanks to the stainless steel housing. This also means that it can be used outdoors. With the GA-02 you get a second display with a 60 mm high LED display. These are also available in a stainless steel housing with protection class IP68.

Optionally, some models can be equipped with a removable battery system. Continuous use can be achieved in this way. Further evaluations from our product range can also be connected to the crane scale via a radio link. The connection to a printer is therefore easy to implement.


Integrated interfaces also enable integration into an existing WiFi network. This means that the weighing data can be easily made available in the network. This eliminates possible transmission errors that can occur when data is passed on by hand.


Suitable load hooks with appropriate overload protection can be found in the accessories for the corresponding crane scale. In addition to the rotating hooks, there are also fixed hooks in our delivery program. All are equipped with an appropriate safety lock. Connection rings complete our product range in this segment.


Calibration, conformity assessment, calibration


Our crane scales can be subjected to factory calibration. At other manufacturers, this is also called ISO calibration, even if this concept does not actually exist. However, it represents what this factory calibration certificate can be used for. DIN EN ISO 9001: 20xx demands monitoring of the measuring equipment and documentation of the calibration. It must be ensured that the measuring equipment used delivers correct values.


With the factory calibration, we proceed as with the calibration. DIN 45501 specifies the scope and type of tests. In contrast to calibration, no error limits need to be observed. The error that is actually detected is shown in the test report.


The conformity assessment is a type of verification. The verification remains a sovereign act and may therefore only be carried out by government agencies. The first time a scale is placed on the market, the conformity assessment is equivalent to the verification. The user may therefore use this balance in legal-for-trade traffic, as well as a verified balance.


DAkkS is a calibration that represents the detected error. Standard 17025 regulates the process. A calibration according to DAkkS is also possible for our crane scales up to a nominal load of 50,000 kg. The certified calibration laboratory issues a corresponding protocol about the calibration.


You can find out more about calibration in our blog.

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