Volume scale iDimension 100

Volume scale iDimension 100
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Volume scale VW-01   The volume scale VW-01 from OMEGA Waagen GmbH is the measuring... mehr
"Volume scale iDimension 100"

Volume scale VW-01


The volume scale VW-01 from OMEGA Waagen GmbH is the measuring device for recording the mass (with optional scale) and the volume of packages. In addition to cardboard boxes, other objects can also be measured. The optimal cardboard box is determined.


Our legal-for-trade solution enables use in freight transport, which is billed according to weight or volume. An application in warehouse logistics also makes sense to make optimal use of the available storage space.


The VW-01 volume scale is available pre-configured and calibrated on request so that you can start using it straight away. Only the power supply still has to be established. No other software needs to be installed. Just unpack it, connect the power supply and start working.


Everything for volume determination is included in the scope of delivery. The stable base plate ensures a secure stand. The tripod with the sensor housing is mounted on it and the display is mounted at eye level. A calibration box is also included in the delivery. A scale can be ordered as an option, but an existing scale can also be connected to the system.


If a package is placed on the platform or in the scan area, this triggers the automatic measurement and it is not necessary to start the acquisition process manually. The volume is determined at a speed of less than 0.2 seconds. Packages up to a size of 120 x 70 x 70 cm can be measured with the VW-01 volume scale. The minimum dimensions of the packages are 15 x 15 x 15 cm. The resolution is 1.5 cm.

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