Picking Table KT-01

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Picking Table KT-01 Picking with scales is easy, fast and reliable. The    ... mehr
"Picking Table KT-01"

Picking Table KT-01

Picking with scales is easy, fast and reliable. The   KT-01 picking table has two scales. A reference scale to determine the unit weight and a quantity scale. The WA-08 is the core of this order picking unitas anevaluation. Both scales are connected to it and the user switches directly via the touch display.


Application of the picking table KT-01

First, the unit weight is determined via the reference scale. For this purpose, a certain number of similar parts are placed on the platform of the reference scale. The reference scale is selected in the display of the WA-08 evaluation device. The display now shows the weight of the applied parts. The operator selects the selected quantity and the unit weight is calculated by the evaluation device.


The container or carton in which the parts are to be counted is applied to the quantity scale. The quantity scale is selected on the evaluation device. The container or carton is tared so that the scale shows ZERO. The unit weight determined by the reference scale is transferred to the quantity scale. The operator now inserts an indefinite number of similar parts into the container or carton.


During filling, the scale determines the weight and calculates the current number of pieces. In doing so, it carries out a check – piece optimization. When the target quantity is reached, the container or carton is taken off the quantity scale and a new picking process is  started.


Piece optimization

Important and yet often not available with counting scales or counting systems, the piece optimization. Not every part necessarily has exactly the same weight. Thus, without piece optimization, it can happen that an incorrect number of pieces is determined from the applied weight during quantity weighing.


An example:

The operator places 10 parts on the reference scale. The optimum weight is 1 g per part. A tolerance of +/- 0.1 g per part is possible. The 10 reference pieces placed on top are all at the lower tolerance range, i.e. 0.9 g. This reference weight assumes the scale for quantity weighing.


In quantity counting, all parts are at the upper tolerance value. A scale without piece optimization will count itself, as it only divides the determined weight by the reference weight per piece. A scale with piece optimization permanently checks the current weight and determines an optimized unit weight. This is used for the unit counting.


This makes the OMEGA KT-01 order picking table a premium counting system!


Target Weight Setting

Visual stimuli allow a much fastercapture. The entire display of the WA-08 evaluation device can be displayed as a signal traffic light. In this way, a target weight can be set. When filling the container, the display changes the background color and shows the operator what the filling level  is. Once the target weight is reached, the background changes to green. If the target quantity is exceeded, the background changes to red.


Tolerance values can also be set. Regardless of this, all other data is displayed in the display. Alternatively, the standard signal traffic light can also be used next to the display on the evaluation device.


Storage and data processing

The picking table  KT-01 is not just a counting system. Rather, it has complete data processing. Countless setting options are curtained, such as:


Ø  Customer Management

Ø  Artikelverwaltung

Ø  User


Customer,article, usermanagement

Customers can be stored in the evaluation device and certain articles can also be assigned to them. When selecting the customer, the assigned articles are then directly available to the operator for selection. Images say more than a thousand words – and can be grasped more quickly by the operator. Therefore, article images can also be stored.


Once recorded, the articles are available via a speed dial button or clearly arranged in the database. The selection is made via the touch display. The reference weights therefore only have to be determined once per article. This saves time and thus also money.


Where to put the data?

Wherever you want to go! Numerous interfaces are available. Wireless data transmissions are also possible. All recorded data can be easily transferred to the existing merchandise management system. We provide you with the protocol for this. The implementation into the ERP system is then simply organized by your system administrator.


A printer is optionally available. This allows the data to be printed out directly and attached to the container, cardboard or delivery documents. This excludes transmission errors in the handwritten entry. You define the structure of the printout, i.e. which data should be where.


Well thought out and easy to use!


Weighing ranges and resolutions

That's what you tell us! Weighing ranges of up to 15 kg for the reference scale and 150 kg for the quantity scale are possible. The resolutions depend on the weighing range. With the reference scale we achieve a resolution of up to 0.005 g, with the quantity scale up to 0.1 g.


Popular is a weighing range of 6 kg with a resolution of 0.1 g for the reference scale and a weighing range of 60 kg with a resolution of 10 g for the quantity scale.


However, the choice of weighing range depends on your application. We are therefore guided by your specifications and can install load cells up to accuracy class C6. This makes us up to 10 times as accurate as the competition.


Precision in perfection – in a nutshell here!



For the platform sizes, we are limited to the table dimensions. As a quantity scale, we install standard platforms with the size 500 x 600 mm. Smaller is no problem, larger up to 700 x 1000 mm. We can also install the reference scales in different sizes, just as you need them.


What else?

The picking table  KT-01 will be sent to you ready for use. Included in delivery is the table with the holders for the scale platforms. The reference scale and the quantity scale together with the WA-08 evaluation device are connected and delivered installed in the table. The WA-08 is mounted on a tripod and can be swiveled and rotated. The height can also be adapted to the user to ensure ergonomic working.


6 sockets are available at the picking table  for connecting printers, scanners and of course the radio. On request, a USB port can be integrated as a charging socket. Ethernet connections can also be accommodated.


Optional accessories

To make the work fun and the picking table KT-01 can be used even more efficiently, extensive accessories are available:



On request,  we can make the KT-01 picking table mobile for you. Four large castors, all lockable, allow you to quickly transport the table to the place of use. We  add the power cable as standard in a length of 5 m, but can also extend it on request.


Height adjustable

Ergonomics in the workplace is important for the health of employees. Optionally, the KT-01 picking table can also be designed to be height-adjustable. This allows it to be adapted to the body size of the operators.


Anti-fatigue plates

Standing in one place for a long time can quickly lead to fatigue of the feet and legs. With the work mat you create a pleasant working environment for your employees. Healthy and satisfied employees are more efficient and efficient. Increase employee satisfaction.


Printer / Scanner

A printer allows the direct output of the data and marking of the packaging units. A printer is also very helpful for internal documentation. Transmission errors are avoided and theefficiency increases  because a printout is faster than handwritten recording.


The scanner can be used to capture barcodes. These are assigned to articles and can thus be selected directly. The search in the database and a possible wrong selection is prevented.


Keyboard / Mouse

Keyboard and mouse can also be connected to the WA-08 evaluation device. As an alternative to the touch display, the settings can be made on the display.


Signal lamp

The optional external signal traffic light can be placed directly at the table or elsewhere near the table. There are many variations. You decide, we implement!



All scales,  including the KT-01 picking table, are delivered fully calibrated for the place of use. Sometimes, however, this is not enough and you need appropriate documents for your QM system. On request, we can carry out an ISO calibration or a DAkkS calibration with appropriate documentation for you. We attach the corresponding markings directly to the device and we deliver the test certificates with the KT-01 picking table.  In addition, you will receive the test certificates as a pdf file by e-mail.


Quite well, but not enough?

Then we will make the picking table  suitable for you! As a manufacturer, we are not bound by the specifications of others. The technical feasibility alone shows us limits – but only to a limited extent. We have often broken new ground and set new standards. While others talk, we create new  realities.


Challenge us – we will solve your application problem!

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