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"Mobile picking table KT-02"

Mobile picking table KT-02 | OMEGA Waagen GmbH


With the mobile picking table KT-02 you take a step towards automation. Set up directly next to the producing machine, the parts are conveyed into the box and counted there. On the display, you can enter a target weight. A signal traffic light visualizes the status.


A threshold value can be stored. In normal operation, the signal light shows "green". When the threshold is reached, it jumps to "yellow", which is the signal for the employee to prepare for the change of the container. If the traffic light shows "red", the target quantity is reached and the employee replaces the container.


Optionally, the further output of the machine can also be interrupted via a relay contact as soon as the target quantity is reached. The finished parts then run into a "waiting container". When using more than one picking table KT-02 can also be diverted.


scope of delivery


Included in the scope of delivery is the shelter with holder for the load cell and 4 rolls, 2 of them with locking. A high-quality SinglePoint load cell, the load holder for parking the container and the evaluation WA-08 with software for piece counting.


The display of the WA-08 also serves as a traffic light, as the background of the 8 inch display automatically adjusts according to the counting process. An optional traffic light can also be connected and attached to a tripod.


Optionally, a W-LAN module can also be installed and the data can be provided. A wired network connection is also possible.




The mobile picking table KT-02 arrives fully calibrated and can be put into operation directly. Optionally, we offer an ISO calibration protocol or a DAkkS calibration.


Weighing ranges and resolutions


With the mobile picking table KT-02 weighing ranges up to 300 kg can be mapped. Depending on the weighing range, resolutions of up to 0.1 g are possible.


information storage


All weighing data can be assigned to articles and customers. Thus, a product that is always manufactured for the same customer can be stored in the scale with the corresponding target values. The data can be retrieved from the database, which makes the work much easier.


Storage on a USB stick is also possible. Thus, the daily data can be easily transferred to a PC via the USB data logger. The created csvfiles can be opened and edited with Excel.

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