Pipe web scale D-TWL

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Pipe web scale D-TWL The D-TWL pipe railway scale is one of the food scales and is... mehr
"Pipe web scale D-TWL"

Pipe web scale D-TWL

The D-TWL pipe railway scale is one of the food scales and is installed in existing or planned pipe conveyors. By weighing a pipe section, the weights of animals in slaughterhouses can be determined directly without having to add an additional operation to the process.



The D-TWL pipe web scale is equipped with an aluminium load cell with protection class IP66. This is calibratable according to OIML R60 in the accuracy class C3 – commercial scales. The construction is made of stainless steel V2A (AISI 304) and includes the mounting accessories consisting of support beams and threaded rods.


The surface is electropolished and thus allows easy cleaning. The multiplication of microorganisms is prevented by the smooth surface. The maximum length of the pipe web section available for weighing is 300 mm.


The load cell is fed with a maximum of 15 VDC. A 3 m long 6-wire cable is guided from the load cell to the evaluation.


Evaluation / Display

As an evaluation, the WA-08 is used in a stainless steel housing with protection class IP68. This has all common weighing functions. In addition, further functions can be implemented, up to completely autonomous weighing with data record transfer to the existing merchandise management system.


Weighing Ranges / Resolutions

Two models of the D-TWL are available and cover weighing ranges up to 300 kg:


D-TWL15 – Weighing range up to 150 kg, calibration value 20 / 50 g, dual-range balance

D-TWL30 – Weighing range up to 300 kg, calibration value 50 / 100 g, dual-range balance


For two-range balances, the weighing ranges are divided in order to generate higher resolutions in the lower one. For example, the D-TWL15 displays the lower weighing range up to 60 kg with a calibration value of 20 g and the upper area (from 60 kg to 150 kg) with a calibration value of 50 g.



The scale is delivered to you fully assessed for conformity and can be used immediately after installation in the pipe track in custody transfer.



The pipe section must be installed by the customer. An order can only be executed after checking the system data. Please use our form in the download area "DATAREQUEST" for the required information.

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