Food Scale GPE MK Color

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Food Scale GPE MK Color   Highend food scale GPE MK Color mit dual 7 inch color... mehr
"Food Scale GPE MK Color"

Food Scale GPE MK Color


Highend food scale GPE MK Color mit dual 7 inch color display. This allows you to show your customers impressive pictures of your products. From every angle, the values and images can be easily recognized. With the mechanical keyboard, fast and user-friendly operation is possible.


The keyboard is very fast, precise and waterproof. 69 mechanical keys, of which 33 serve as function keys and 36 are used as PLU / TLU keys. In addition, up to 6 operators are freely programmable.


The thermal printer ensures a tax output of the transaction data. With a printing speed of 80 mm/s, the printing process is very fast. You can use plain paper, thermal paper or adhesive labels as print media. Thanks to the Easyloadingsystem, a quick and uncomplicated paper exchange is possible.


The housing of the scale is made of aluminum injection molding. The evaluation device is housed in a stainless steel housing / polymer housing. The scale platform is made of stainless steel. All surfaces can be cleaned easily and thoroughly, including the keyboard.


With 370 x 310 mm, a large scale area is given, on which even large articles can be weighed.


The features of this scale are also impressive:


7000 PLU can be saved, 66 of them with direct retrieval

50 PLU groups are at your disposal
999 ingredient lists leave nothing
to be
desired 4 VAT rates you can store
10 advertising messages – impressively displayed on the display


8 payment methods to choose from

2 totals of short- and long-term space

6 / 12 operators

3 programmable password levels


PLU priority
 the Tara you have a free hand – weighed, operator, PLU, pre-stored, adjusted

Last receipts can be processed – cancellations, discounts, cash register management, customer management


Where to put the data?

As standard, the GPE MK Color food scale has 2 RS232 serial interfaces. This allows the scale to be connected to a PC or modem or the scanner and cash register to be connected to the scale.


With the RS485 interface, up to 4 scales of this series can be connected in a local network in the bus system.


Really good – the accessories

No matter whether you want to connect a cash drawer or need further interfaces for data transmission. Extensive accessories are available for the GPE MK food scale.

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