Weighing food with D-ADP

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Tischwaage D-ADP:

  • SW10187
The portable table scale with external weight indicator can be mounted on the platform or on... mehr
"Weighing food with D-ADP"

The portable table scale with external weight indicator can be mounted on the platform or on the wall. The cable between the platform and the display device can be removed.


Weighing ranges and resolutions

With weighing ranges of up to 30 kg and resolutions of up to 0.5 g, this scale is particularly suitable for the food sector. Weighing ranges and resolutions at a glance:








6 / 15 kg

2 / 5 g

2 / 5 g

0,5 g


15 / 30 kg

5 / 10 g

5 / 10 g

1 g


12 / 30 kg

2 / 5 g

2 / 5 g



The stainless steel platform is removable and easy to clean. With dimensions of 365 x 235 mm, it offers enough space for fish, meat, vegetables and fruit.


The inclination angle of the display device is adjustable in the inclination angle and thus adaptable to the conditions. With the 1 m long connection cable, it is up to the operator to mount the display directly on the platform or on the wall. Protected inside the platform is the aluminum load cell with protection class IP65. The feet are height-adjustable and allow the scale to be precisely leveled with the dragonfly.


The mobile food table scale is operated with a battery. The operating time is about 80 hours. The battery is charged via the power supply included in the scope of delivery. Dimensions of the packaging: 510 x 400 x 300 mm. Weight approx. 9.6 kg.



Weight accumulation

Switchable kg / lb


Automatic self-shutdown

Backlight regulation

Charging status battery


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