Stainless steel table scale K-FOB-S

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Tischwaage K-FOB-S:

  • SW10193
This super compact   stainless steel table scale is ideal for weighing, checking,... mehr
"Stainless steel table scale K-FOB-S"

This super compact stainless steel table scale is ideal for weighing, checking, portioning in the tightest of spaces. Made entirely of stainless steel, the K-FOB-S is rust-free and easy to clean due to the smooth surfaces. Very flat, the table scale is ideally suited for mobile use. Changing locations, such as kitchen, sales room, market stall or food laboratory are easily accessible with the stainless steel scale.

The rubber feet ensure a safe and non-slip installation. Supports you in your HACCP-compliant quality system. Ready for immediate use as the battery (9V block) is included. The operating time is up to 20 h.


Weighing range



0.5 kg

0,1 g


5 kg

1 g

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