Stainless steel food scale up to 30 kg

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Lebensmittelwaage D-KST:

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A large touchscreen display   distinguishes the D-KST food scale. This can also be... mehr
"Stainless steel food scale up to 30 kg"

A large touchscreen display distinguishes the D-KST food scale. This can also be operated with gloves. In addition to the weight value, operators, articles and customers can also be adjusted. The complete display can be displayed freely according to your wishes.

Securely housed in a stainless steel housing, the single point load cell is located in accuracy class C6 according to OIML R60. This is twice as accurate as the conventional C3 load cells. The standard includes the program for summation and recipe. This allows individual weighings to be added up and recipes to be weighed.

The stainless steel food scale D-KST is also available in different weighing ranges and resolutions, which can be found in the following table:


Weighing range




3 / 6 kg

0,5 / 1 g

0,5 / 1 g


12 / 30 kg

2 / 5 g

2 / 5 g

With the D-KST you get a powerful stainless steel table scale, which is also available with an integrated printer. The intuitive operation makes it easy for you and your employees to handle the scale. An internal battery predestines the scale for mobile use, e.B. at weekly markets.

The technical data of the D-KST food scale

- Digital scale in stainless steel housing. This makes it resistant and hygienic to clean.

- 250 x 340 mm stainless steel load plate, removable and easy to clean.

- Aluminium load cell of accuracy class C6 according to OIML R60.

- Serial alibi memory integrated on the motherboard.

- Up to 3 additional platforms can be connected.

- Large, graphic touch display – dimensions 120 x 90 mm.

- Signal traffic light for visual acquisition.

- Waterproof keyboard

- Protection class IP44 for the entire system.

- Ergonomic side handles for safe transport.

- Dragonfly under the load plate to align the scale.

- A PC or printer can be connected via the RS 232 interface.

- Optional with integrated thermal printer.

The stainless steel food scale D-KST has the followinginterfaces:

2 x Bidirectional RS 232/C interface for printer / labeler / PC / PLC / radio module

1 x Bidirectional RS 232/C interface for repeater, remote-controlled scale, card reader

1 x Keyboard emulator, for scanner / card reader / external keyboard (optional)

4 x Optoisolated outputs (optional)

2 x Optoisolated inputs (optional)

1 x External Profibus interface (optimal)

1 x Modbus RTU interface

1 x Bluetooth interface (optional)

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