Compact stainless steel table scale K-FOB

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Tischwaage K-FOB:

  • SW10192
This compact stainless steel table scale has a special checkweighing   display for... mehr
"Compact stainless steel table scale K-FOB"

This compact stainless steel table scale has a special checkweighing display for efficient work. With it, innovative weighing with a tolerance range (checkweighing) ispossible. The background color of the display changes depending on the weighing result (too light / ok / too heavy) and supports the operator in portioning, dosing and sorting.

The scale is complete, i.e. both the housing and the  weighing plateare madeof stainless steel. This makes it hygienic and easy to clean. The increased moisture protection thanks to waterproof silicone sealing of the load cell, electronics and solder joints allows thorough cleaning.

The compact design, the low dead weight and the particularly flat design ensure a high level of mobility. As a result, the scale can easily be used in several locations, such as.B kitchen, sales room, market stall, food laboratory, etc.

The rubber feet guarantee safe and non-slip setting up of the scales. At the touch of a button, the already occupied weighing range can be easily displayed (net / gross weight). This scale reliably supports you in the implementation of the HACCP concept of your quality system. An occupational safety hood is included in the scope of delivery.






1.5 kg

0,5 g

175 x 165 mm


3 kg

1 g

175 x 165 mm


6 kg

2 g

175 x 165 mm

Application examples for the compact table scale K-FOB:

Weighing of ingredients and spices in gastronomy

Portioning dough, meat, fish, poultry, salad plates in canteens, etc.

Filling of cans etc.

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