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Kutterwaage für Beschickungswagen OKW-01 Kutterwaage für Beschickungswagen OKW-01
Kutterwaage für Beschickungswagen Werden in der Lebensmittelindustrie und in der Chemieindustrie eingesetzt. Mit der Kutterwaage für Beschickungswagen OKW-01 können Sie Kutterwagen einfach und schnell verwiegen. Lebensmittel werden in...
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Drive-through scale DW-02 - stainless steel Drive-through scale DW-02 - stainless steel
Durchfahrwaage DW-02 Die Durchfahrwaage DW-02 ist komplett aus Edelstahl gefertigt. Sie eignet sich besonders für den Einsatz im Lebensmittel- und Chemiebereich. Durch die flache Bauweise kann sie unproblematisch mit Hubwagen und anderen...
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Drive-Through weighers with highest precision 

Drive-through scales belong to the group of floor scales but are very different from platforms, weighbridges and pallet scales. The special feature is the particularly low drive-on height. This can be easily overcome with a hand pallet truck.

Highest precision is decisive for best weighing results. But these must also be reproducible. If the same weight is applied several times, it must be reproduced in the same way. A matter of course? With our scales, definitely! We only use high-precision weighing technology and thus achieve the best, reproducible results.

Protection class

OMEGA Waagen GmbH offers drive-through scales up to a protection class of IP69K. This refers to the construction, the load cells, the terminal and trim box and the connectors. The evaluation electronics are available up to protection class IP68.


With us you receive the drive-through scale in steel, powder-coated. A galvanized version is also possible. Stainless steel is mainly used in the food and chemical industry and this material is also used for our drive-through scales. Thus we offer a solution for every area of application.


Compared to a platform or weighbridge, the construction of a drive-through scale is much more complex. The weighing equipment is placed in a frame and the load plate is placed between this construction in such a way that the lowest possible drive-on height is achieved. We were thus able to achieve an access height of just 52 mm.


We offer our drive-through scales in 3 dimensions. With them we can cover all common applications:


Nominal load


800 x 800 x 52 mm

600 kg

200 g

1000 x 1200 x 52 mm

1.500 kg

500 g

1250 x 1500 x 52 mm

2.000 kg

1.000 g


If you need a special size, we are the right contact. With our own construction we realize your special requirements. 


Verified, caubrated or dakks

Each of our drive-through scales is calibratable and arrives at your premises fully calibrated when ordered. You can use the scale directly in legal metrology. If your company is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001, documented calibration is required. In this case, a factory calibration certificate is sufficient and will be issued by us upon order placement. During the calibration procedure, we proceed in the same way as for verification according to DIN EN 45501, but in the case of factory calibration, the deviation determined is shown. During calibration, it is shown that the balance operates within the permissible error limits.

Are you certified according to ISO TS? Then a DAkkS calibration is required. This complex process can be ordered optionally. We carry out the calibration and document this with the calibration certificate enclosed with the delivery.

Since verification and calibration is a recurring process, scales must be included in the monitoring of measuring equipment. We will also be pleased to support you in this respect. On request, we can take over the deadline monitoring for you - free of charge and without obligation. We will inform you in time about upcoming tests. On request, we can also carry out these for you.

Data transmisson

The data transmission depends on the evaluation electronics used. We offer different possibilities. Thus we enable you to integrate the scale into your existing process environment in an optimal way. Our competent software team also realizes special software solutions for you.


For the evaluation electronics used, we have the necessary approvals to be allowed to use these products in the European Economic Area, in accordance with Directive 2014/31/EU, in legal metrology.

Made in Germany

Our drive-through scales are manufactured in Germany! The complete construction is made in our house. The metal construction is implemented by a supplier in Germany according to our specifications. The WA-01 is also produced in Germany. The final assembly and all necessary tests are carried out exclusively in our production facility in Vechta - Langförden.

Thus our drive-through weighers have earned the predicate "Made in Germany". Ask the competition where the platforms come from. Please note that an importer from a third country within the EU acts as manufacturer. If a German manufacturer sells an OEM product, this does not mean that this product was also manufactured in Germany.

why buy from omega waagen gmbh?

Because we are the best choice! OMEGA Waagen GmbH is characterized by competence and know-how from the first idea, through design and production planning, to product realization. A continuous improvement of our production processes and products gives us the opportunity to grow with the tasks set by our customers. Challenge us, so that we become better and better for you.

We rely on Germany as a production location, right from the start. Competent and reliable partners support us so that we can produce the best scales for you.

we are there for you!

Suggestions from our customers offer us the opportunity for improvement and we are happy to accept them. Even after the purchase we are at your disposal. Be it for the connection, questions about the installation or also about the use. The support of our customers beyond the delivery is a matter of course for us.

Please contact us if you have questions, suggestions or if you need help. Our sales team is your first contact and will forward your questions if necessary. With us, every customer is a first-class customer and every customer has a key account manager - our sales team.

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