Pallet scale PW-10

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Pallet sca le PW-01 | OMEGA Waagen GmbH The pallet scale PW-01 from OMEGA Waagen GmbH... mehr
"Pallet scale PW-10"

Pallet scale PW-01 | OMEGA Waagen GmbH

The pallet scale PW-01 from OMEGA Waagen GmbH leaves nothing to be desired. Light and portable, it can be set up quickly and easily in a wide variety of locations. Reproducible and high-resolution weighing results can be achieved with our pallet scale. If it is not needed, it can be stored to save space.

The material thickness makes our pallet scale PW-01 unique. The torsional rigidity achieved in this way makes high-resolution weighing results possible. A well thought-out construction ensures mobility. The scale can be lifted on one side with the handle and moved on the mounted rollers.

The material

The pallet scale PW-01 is made of 5 mm steel. The subsequent powder coating creates high-quality protection of the steel against the weather. Alternatively, the pallet scale can also be hot-dip galvanized, which provides greater protection when used in harsh industrial environments or outdoors. Manufacturing in stainless steel is also possible and makes them a reliable partner in the food andchemical industries.

Product test

Each of our scales is subjected to extensive tests before it is included in our product range. The PW-01 pallet scale was also subjected to many complex quality tests. The final test in the context of the conformity assessment in accordance with the directive 2014/31 / EU and the standard DIN EN 45501 is decisive. We proceed like a verification, but we also test beyond. The creep error is determined and documented after 6, 12 and 24 hours. The scale is also continuously loaded over a period of 24 hours. The evaluation electronics are subjected to even more extensive tests as part of the product approvals. With these tests we guarantee our customers the best quality at competitive prices.

The production

After the construction, which is finally checked and approved by our chief designer, production follows. We produce our PW-01 pallet scales, like our other metal structures, exclusively in Germany. The surface treatment in Germany is also of a correspondingly high quality. In our production, the weighing technology is installed in the metal structure. After the wedding between construction and evaluation, the balance is adjusted with calibrated weights. 8 linearity points are taken into account during the adjustment. This enables significantly better weighing results. Many competitors only adjust with the maximum load. In the final test according to the DIN EN 45501 standard, each individual pallet scale PW-01 is checked and only released if all tolerances have been met.

scope of delivery


The pallet scale PW-01 is delivered to you ready for use. If a verified scale has been ordered, the supplied pallet scale can be used directly in legal-for-trade traffic. All necessary documents are included with the delivery and are also sent to the client as a PDF document. The delivery includes our high-quality evaluation electronics WA-01. You can find more information about the WA-01 in our shop.


  Use of the OMEGA pallet scale PW-01   The well thought-out design... mehr


Use of the OMEGA pallet scale PW-01


The well thought-out design makes a variety of applications possible. In logistics, the PW-01 pallet scale can be used easily during loading and unloading. In industry, it is the reliable partner for weighing Euro pallets. With the well thought-out accessories, the possible uses can be expanded and create an all-rounder in weighing technology. After the work is done, the pallet scale PW-01 can be stored to save space. Even the way from the place of use to the storage location can easily be done by one person. This is ensured by the comfortable handle and the transport rollers in industrial quality.


Installation options


Wherever there is little space and a scale is not in constant use, the right place of use for our pallet scale PW-01 is. With the load feet, unevenness in the floor can be compensated. Outdoor installation is also possible. The floor must be stable and should not have any large bumps.


The PW-01 pallet scale is also suitable for continuous use. In particular, loading with a pallet truck is very easy and time-saving with the pallet scale. There is no need to overcome a height difference as with a weighing platform. With a forklift, loading is also quick and effective.


Degree of protection


The weighing technology achieves protection class IP67, which also allows temporary immersion. This makes the PW-01 pallet scale ideal for use outdoors. On request, it can also be supplied in IP69K degree of protection - the highest possible - which makes it unproblematic to use in the food industry. This enables cleaning with high-pressure or steam cleaners.



Technical data of the pallet scale PW-01   The technical data of our pallet... mehr

Technical data of the pallet scale PW-01


The technical data of our pallet scale PW-01 at a glance. You can find detailed information in the download.


Ø  Construction

Steel, powder-coated, hot-dip galvanized or stainless steel,

material thickness 5 mm

Ø  Load cells

4 shear beam load cells made of alloy steel or stainless steel

with protection class IP67 (optional IP69K)

Ø  Terminal and trim box

Stainless steel, protection class IP67 (optional IP69K), protected in the frame

Ø  Load feet

High-quality load feet made of alloy steel or stainless steel with elastomer

Ø  Evaluation electronics WA-01

High quality evaluation in an aluminum housing. With internal power supply on request


Load ranges and resolution


The PW-01 pallet scale is available in the following load ranges with the corresponding resolutions:


Ø  weighing range 0 - 600 kg

Resolution 100g, calibration value 200g


Ø  weighing range 0 - 1,500 kg

Resolution 200g, calibration value 500 g


Ø  weighing range 0 - 3,000 kg

Resolution 500 g, calibration value 1,000 g


With verified scales, the minimum load is 20 x calibration value.

Here you can download all information. If you have further questions please contact our sales... mehr

Here you can download all information. If you have further questions please contact our sales team


Ø Data sheet


Technical data cleary arranged fort he Pallet scale PW-01..


Ø Brochure

The Prospectus provides information on the installation and Using the PW-01 pallet scale.. 

Ø CE-Declaration

The CE-declaration for the PW-01 pallet scale for you records to create legal certainty.

Ø Drawing

From the drawing you can see all relevant dimensions from the container.


The PW-01 pallet scale as 3D model. Free rotation around tob e able to look at them from all sides..

Ø STEP-Daten

One STEP file for planning an entire industrial enviroment

The PW-01 pallet scale is delivered ready for use. Our accessories completes the... mehr

The PW-01 pallet scale is delivered ready for use. Our accessories

completes the possibilities of use and simplifies the processes by



Ø Crash protection

Effectively protects the weighing equipment of the floor scale from lateral

Load caused by starting with a forklift truck


ØEvaluation electronics WA-08

The high-end solution in weighing technology. Let the WA-08

connect hand scanners, printers etc.


ØCalibration protocol

We calibrate your scale for the installation site according to

of DIN EN 45501 and issue a factory calibration certificate


Ø Calibration

Required for use in legal metrology. The

Weighbridge arrives at your premises verified


ØDAkkS Calibration

You will receive a calibration protocol about the performed

Calibration according to DAkkS

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