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Palettenwaage PW-01 Pallet Scale PW-01 | OMEGA Waagen GmbH
Inhalt 1 Stück
ab 1.225,70 € *
Durchfahrwaage DW-01 - Mit Auswertung WA-01 Roll trough scale DW-01
ab 1.725,50 € * 1.915,90 € *
Wägebrücke BW-01 - 1500 x 1500 mm - mit Auswertung WA-01 Floor Scale BW-01
1.725,50 € * 1.844,50 € *
Pallet Scale PW-01 | OMEGA Waagen GmbH Pallet Scale PW-01 | OMEGA Waagen GmbH
Inhalt 1 Stück
ab 1.547,00 € *
Fasswaage FW-01 Fasswaage FW-01
2.856,00 € *
Wägebrücke BW-01 - 800 x 800 mm Floor Scale BW-01
ab 1.725,50 € * 1.844,50 € *
Bodenwaage Kern BIC Bodenwaage KERN BIC
ab 821,10 € * 892,50 € *
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Auffahrrampe für Bodenwaage BFN 1250 mm Zubehör Wägebrücke BFN - Auffahrrampe 1250 mm
Auffahrrampe für Bodenwaage BFN Die Auffahrrampe hat die Maße 1250 x 750 x 85 mm und ist somit für Modelle 1250 x 1500 mm geeignet. Sie ermöglicht das Auffahren mit einem Hubwagen oder anderen Flurförderzeugen.
1.273,30 € * 1.332,80 € *
Zubehör Wägebrücke BFN - Grubenrahmen 1000 Zubehör Wägebrücke BFN - Grubenrahmen 1000
Grubenrahmen für Bodenwaage BFN Ausführung in Edelstahl mit den Maßen 1000 x 1000 x 80 mm. Geeignet für die Bodenwaage 1000 x 1000 mm für den Unterflureinbau.
809,20 € * 868,70 € *
Grubenrahmen für Bodenwaage BFN 1250 x 1500 mm Zubehör Wägebrücke BFN - Grubenrahmen 1250 x 1500
Grubenrahmen für Bodenwaage BFN Ausführung in Edelstahl mit den Maßen 1250 x 1500 x 80 mm. Geeignet für die Bodenwaage 1250 x 1500 mm für den Unterflureinbau.
963,90 € * 1.011,50 € *
Durchfahrwaage DW-02 Durchfahrwaage DW-02
Durchfahrwaage DW-02 Die Durchfahrwaage DW-02 ist komplett aus Edelstahl gefertigt. Sie eignet sich besonders für den Einsatz im Lebensmittel- und Chemiebereich. Durch die flache Bauweise kann sie unproblematisch mit Hubwagen und anderen...
ab 5.103,32 € * 5.670,35 € *
Bodenwaage Kern BIC Bodenwaage KERN BIC
Bodenwaage KERN BIC Die Bodenwaagen KERN BIC zeichnet sich durch ein Top Preis-/Leistungsverhältnis aus. Ihre massive Stahlkonstruktion ermöglicht Wägebereiche bis 3.000 kg. Serienmäßig wird die Wägebrücke mit einer Auswertung mit...
ab 821,10 € * 892,50 € *
Arbeitsschutzhaube für BIC Arbeitsschutzhaube für BIC
Arbeitsschutzhaube für die Auswertung der Bodenwaage BIC. Im Set zu 5 Stück.
41,65 € * 47,60 € *
Fußplattenset BIC Fußplattenset BIC
Fußplattenset zur Fixierung der Bodenwaagen Kern BIC Die Fußplatten werden am Boden fixiert und die Lastfüße der Bodenwaage werden dort hineingestellt. Damit ist die Bodenwaage BIC gegen Verrutschen gesichert.
41,65 € * 47,60 € *
Auffahrrampe BIC 1000 Auffahrrampe BIC 1000
Auffahrrampe für die Bodenwaage Kern BIC 1000 Die Auffahrrampe ist aus Stahl gefertigt und mit einer hochwertigen Pulverbeschichtung vor Korrosion geschützt. Diese Ausführung ist geeignet für Plattformen 1000 x 1000 mm.
374,85 € * 416,50 € *
Auffahrrampe BIC 1200 Auffahrrampe BIC 1200
Auffahrrampe für die Bodenwaage Kern BIC Für die Bodenwaage BIC mit den Maßen 1200 x 1500 mm geeignet. Zum Befahren der Wägebrücke mit einem Hubwagen. Material: Stahl, pulverbeschichtet
374,85 € * 452,20 € *
Auffahrrampe BIC 1500 Auffahrrampe BIC 1500
Auffahrrampe für die Bodenwaage Kern BIC Für die Bodenwaage BIC mit den Maßen 1500 x 1500 mm geeignet. Zum Befahren der Wägebrücke mit einem Hubwagen. Material: Stahl, pulverbeschichtet
499,80 € * 553,35 € *
Gubenrahmen Kern BIC 1000 Gubenrahmen Kern BIC 1000
Grubenrahmen für die Bodenwaage Kern BIC Der stabile Grubenrahmen ist aus Stahl gefertigt und pulverbeschichtet. Geeignet für Bodenwaagen Kern BIC - 1000 x 1000 x 108 mm
499,80 € *
Gubenrahmen Kern BIC 1200 Gubenrahmen Kern BIC 1200
Grubenrahmen für die Bodenwaage Kern BIC Der stabile Grubenrahmen ist aus Stahl gefertigt und pulverbeschichtet. Geeignet für Bodenwaagen Kern BIC - 1200 x 1500 x 108 mm
357,00 € * 398,65 € *
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High precision floor scale | OMEGA Waagen GmbH

The highest quality, made in Germany, distinguishes the floor scales from OMEGA Waagen GmbH. A floor scale must neither weigh nor sag. This would falsify the weighing result. Therefore, we rely on a well thought-out construction and use 5 mm thick steel. Despite the solid construction, we were able to implement a particularly flat construction with a height of only 80 mm. This enables loading with a lifting scale when using ramps. With an underfloor installation, the effort is kept lower than with many competitor products. The arrangement of the load cells guarantees excellent results with a resolution that is rarely found on the market.

We only use OMEGA load cells that meet the highest demands in terms of quality, accuracy, reproducibility and durability. These are stored on load feet with ball joints, which ensure excellent load transfer. The protection class of the load cells for our floor scales is IP67. This exceeds the frequently used protection class IP65 in protection against water. While a scale with protection class IP65 is only protected against water jets, a scale with protection class IP67 can even be temporarily submerged. An invaluable advantage for all users who need a particularly robust floor scale.

We set new standards for industrial floor scales

For simple applications, we equip the floor scale with the WA-01 evaluation electronics. What we describe as simple presents many competitors with difficult challenges. Whatever the requirements of our customers, they can be implemented with the WA-08 evaluation electronics. We hereby set new standards in many applications for floor scales.

Connection to the ERP system, recording of barcodes or printing of the weighing results are unproblematic. Power can be supplied via the power supply or the optionally available, rechargeable solution installed ex works.

At 3000 kg, our floor scales still measure to an accuracy of 100 g

Maximum precision when weighing and robustness when weighing large loads is essential in industry. That is why we have made it our task to only manufacture high-precision industrial scales that can easily withstand high loads. Even with a large weighing range of up to 3000 kg, the maximum resolution of our floor scale is 100 g. In the weighing range of 150 kg, the maximum resolution is even 10 g.

Our floor scales are available as standard in the following sizes:

1,000 x 1,000 mm

1,000 x 1,250 mm

1,250 x 1,500 mm

1,500 x 1,500 mm

1,500 x 2,000 mm

We would be happy to realize special sizes for you - uncomplicated, fast and inexpensive.

Above or below floor: We have a model for every application

The high-precision floor scales from OMEGA Waagen GmbH are primarily available as above-floor scales. If the floor scales are used above ground, ramps are required to drive up. You can get the scale with one or two ramps, optionally also with a collision protection. We recommend using a circumferential collision protection for every model above floor so that the floor scale is protected against bumps and accidental starting. If you use ramps, the protection can also be attached on three or two sides.

The loading takes place with forklifts, electric lifting scales, pedestrian lifting scales or other industrial trucks used in logistics. If forklifts are also used, a combination of ramps and collision protection is recommended.

Above-floor stacker green

An underfloor application in combination with the pit frame can be implemented easily and cleanly. The effort is greater, but this variant of the floor scales offers clear advantages in terms of saving time. Here users should definitely work with stops in order to prevent overloading the floor scales. We prepare the attacks in the factory.

Underfloor stacker gr-un

Easy to clean thanks to high quality stainless steel

In some applications, for example in the food industry or chemical industry, stainless steel has to be used for the floor scales. Easy and efficient cleaning must also be possible. Of course, the high-precision floor scales from OMEGA Waagen GmbH are also available in stainless steel, optionally with a removable or erectable lid. Depending on the application, we can use load cells up to protection class IP69K, which then enables cleaning with a high-pressure or steam cleaner.

The evaluation


The scope of delivery includes the evaluation electronics WA-01. Our powerful display device enables quick visual recording of the weighing results through the backlit display with the 25 mm high digits. The housing made of aluminum offers optimal protection of the electronics and has a particularly high-quality feel. Instead of the usual lead acid battery, we rely on significantly smaller, lighter and more durable technology. A lithium ion power bank provides the WA-01 evaluation with the necessary energy for many hours. The display can also be used while charging via USB (plug network included). The charging process can also be carried out via another power bank or a notebook, which enables 24/7 use.


The data transfer can take place with the optionally available Bluetooth or W-LAN module. A display on an Andorid device is also possible after installing the required free app. With these and other features, we have arrived in the present and already allow a look into the future of weighing technology. Calibration or calibration is of course also possible.


Calibration or calibration - as you wish


A calibrated floor scale is always required if it is used to determine a weight for calculating a price. There are also other provisions that require calibration. We will inform you in detail on our blog. Calibrated floor scales are typically offered as follows:


Ø 3000 kg floor scale with a resolution of 1,000 g


Ø floor scale 1500 kg with a resolution of 500 g


Floor scales 1000 kg are rather unusual, but would also have a resolution of 500 g. This is due to the accuracy class C3, which occurs in most load cells in this area.


We offer scales with the same weighing range in twice the resolution. We achieve this by using C6 load cells. In addition, we can also design these as multi-range scales. This results in significantly better application options for you.


Floor scale industry as a single-range scale:


            Floor scale 3000 kg, readability 1,000 g


Floor scale industry as a multi-range scale:


            Floor scales 600 kg / 1500 kg / 3000 kg


            Resolution 200 g / 500 g / 1,000 g


With a multi-range scale you get practically 3 scales in one. This enables you to meet requirements for higher resolutions in lower weight ranges.


Verification is only possible in conjunction with a legal-for-trade display device. The combination of platform and display, both verifiable, makes verification possible in the first place. Weighing with a calibrated scale guarantees results within the limits of traffic errors.


The calibration can be divided into the factory calibration and the DAkkS calibration. A factory calibration is sufficient for a company certified according to DIN EN 9001. A DAkkS calibration is required if your company is certified according to SIO TS 16949.


Why an OMEGA scale?


Our brand stands for quality made in Germany. In particular, our weighing platforms, calibrated or calibrated, also meet the highest standards of quality and functionality. For weighing pallets, this model provides you with a robust construction made of steel or stainless steel. Pallets with loads up to 3,000 kg can be weighed quickly and easily on the weighing platform.


Equipped with evaluation electronics of excellent quality with various data transmission options, we provide you with added value for your processes that is measurable. Contact our sales team (0 44 47) 969 463 - 0 and let us convince you of our product quality. Custom-made products can also be implemented in our own production.

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