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Die Tischwaage K-FCE-N ist ein Einsteiger Modell - günstiger Preis, gute Qualität. Die Bedienung erfolgt über zwei Tasten und die Anzeige erreicht stabile Wägeergebnisse innerhalb von 3 Sekunden. Sie eignet sich als kompakte Brif- und...
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Tsichwaage K-FCB Tischwaage K-FCB
Die Tischwaage K-FCB versteht sich als günstiges Einsteigermodell mit hohen Auflösungen und einem zusätzlichen Display auf der Rückseite der Waage. Für den mobilen Einsatz ist diese Waage durch die optinal erhältichen Akkus, die kompakte...
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Compact scales | OMEGA Waagen GmbH

A large category of tabletop scales is that of compact scales. These are scales with a weighing range of up to 30 kg. The resolution varies depending on the weighing range and the design of the scale. Besides plastic housings, stainless steel housings are also available. These are mainly used in the catering, food and chemical industries.


The compact scales of OMEGA Waagen GmbH are used in many areas of gastronomy, trade and industry. Relatively small loads can be weighed with high resolution. It is increasingly used in the context of quality control.

Compact scales can also be used in the production process. Deviations in weight of individual products can be determined. Filling quantities can also be displayed using the weight. A target-performance comparison is easy to perform with a compact scale.

verification or calibration

Scales from this range can be verified. If they are used to determine a selling price, the compact scales must be verified. As a rule, a class III calibration with a division of 3,000 is sufficient. Special applications may also require a 6,000 pitch.

Calibrated scales are an essential part of quality control. The measuring equipment monitoring requires regular calibration. This must be documented. Within the framework of DIN EN ISO 9001, a factory calibration is sufficient. Therefore this type is also called ISO calibration. The procedure depends on the company carrying out the work. There is no standard for this. OMEGA Waagen GmbH proceeds with the factory calibration in the same way as with a verification according to DIN 45501. This ensures that all tests are carried out which also require calibration. In contrast to a calibration, the detected error is documented.

For companies certified to ISO TS, a DAkkS calibration is required. This complex process is also carried out by us on request. Documentation and testing are much more complex and demanding. However, they also allow more conclusions to be drawn about accuracy and reproducibility.

More information about calibration and verification can be found in our blog.

overview of fine balances

As already mentioned, the range of compact scales is very extensive. The following table should give you a small impression:

Scales Typ

Weighing range


Counting scale K-CPB

6 kg, 15 kg, 30 kg

0,1 g, 0,2 g, 0,5 g

Compact scale SC-MB

1 kg, 5 kg

0,1 g, 0,5 g

Bench scale SC-APN

6 / 15 kg, 15 / 30 kg

2 / 5 g, 5 / 10 g


A particularly noteworthy area in this segment is the analytical balances. These high-resolution, compact bench scales are often used in quality control. Whenever the highest accuracy and reproducibility is required. With weighing capacities up to 3.2 kg, these achieve resolutions of 10 mg.

A draft shield helps you to obtain precise results. Even a small draught could otherwise falsify the weighing result. For mobile applications we recommend an optional anti-vibration table.

The OMEGA Waagen GmbH product range offers all compact balances for every application area, from the low-cost entry model to the high-resolution analytical balance.

Installation and use

The installation of a scale is always a decisive factor for the accuracy of the results. The higher the resolution of a balance, the greater the influence of possible environmental conditions on the weighing result. Many things can be kept to a minimum even before use by taking appropriate measures.

An antivibration table should be used with analytical balances. With a resolution of 10 mg, the user's breath alone is sufficient to falsify the weighing result. Therefore, the draft shield should also be used. At OMEGA Waagen GmbH it is part of the delivery for precision scales and analytical scales.

A stable installation site is another basic requirement. A suitable worktable should largely filter out vibrations caused by nearby machines or even forklift traffic. Parcel scales can also be placed on the floor if it is level. A transport cart is also suitable for such a scale to ensure flexibility.

Counting scales as compact scales are often used in warehouses and magazines. If it is a permanent workplace, a picking table may be the right choice. The use of a rechargeable battery is recommended for changing locations.

We would be pleased to support you in selecting the right compact scale for your application.

Certificates of calibration

Many companies already have a recognized and certified quality management system. The type of test required for the intended application has already been described above. The documentation is important for this. OMEGA Waagen GmbH will provide you with all the necessary documents with the delivery of the balance, provided that the appropriate test has been ordered. In addition, we send the documents in pdf format to the e-mail address of the customer.

If a document is not immediately available when asked for during an audit, just give us a call and we will send it to you directly by electronic means. The monitoring of measuring equipment can also be placed in our experienced hands.

Connection options

Many of our scales have various connection options for printers, scanners or even for connection to a PC. The data can often also be transmitted wirelessly. We can also implement special data transfer options.


Plastic or stainless steel, both are available in our product range. Depending on the application, the appropriate material is used. While a plastic housing is usually chosen in an industrial environment, stainless steel is the first choice especially in the food sector.

The stainless steel scales also have a higher protection class. Due to the use of cleaning agents, at least protection class IP67 should be used. Many of our stainless steel scales have precisely these features.

power supply

The supplied power supply unit provides the balance with continuous current. Alternatively, battery operation can also be used for mobile use. The battery is charged via the plug-in power supply unit.

contact to use

The applications of our customers are as individual as our solutions. If you need something more unusual, we are the right contact for you.

You can reach our sales department by telephone under 0 44 47 - 969 463 - 0 or via our contact form.

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