Vorname: Mario
Nachname: Schmidtke
Email: mario.schmidtke@omega-waagen.de
Telefon: 04447-969463-1
Erreichbarkeit: 24/7 mobil --> 0171-5754480 auch gern per WhatsApp
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Klemm- und Trimmbox JB-02 Clamping and trimming box JB-02
Clamping and trimming box JB-02 With the clamping and trimming box JB-02 you get an easy way to connect up to 4 load cells in series. The load cell cables are simply guided through the PG screw connection into the interior and placed on...
124,95 € *
Klemm- und Trimmbox JB-01 - Vorschaubild Clamping and trimming box JB-01
Clamping and trimming box JB-01 The clamping and trimming box JB-01 is made of stainless steel and has 4 inputs and 1 output. The PG screw connection is made of plastic and, in combination with the foam rubber seal for the lid, enables a...
70,21 € *
Digital junction box JB-D-4 Digital junction box JB-D-4
452,20 € *
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