Bending beam load cell B10

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Weight transmitter WTB analog
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Bending beam load cell B10S/N   The industry likes to use bending beam load cells for... mehr
"Bending beam load cell B10"

Bending beam load cell B10S/N


The industry likes to use bending beam load cells for systems for finished packaging and thousands of them are already in use here. The reason can be found in the simple construction, high resolution and longevity. The B10S/N bending beam load cell is available in tool steel or stainless steel. How it works is very simple. The load cell is attached to the structure on one side and the load bearing is on the other side. When the goods to be weighed are applied, the spring body on which the DMS measuring strips are attached bends. This leads to compression on the one hand and stretching on the other. As a result, the current has a larger resistance on the one hand and a smaller resistance on the other. The difference in the resistances under load is compared with the original state, i.e. in the unloaded state, and converted into a measured value using an A/D converter.


The nominal values ​​of this load cell range from 10 kg to 500 kg. The shear protection of the cable is to be emphasized. The cable is routed out of the load cell and protected from damage by a steel or stainless steel sheath. If a load cell of this type fails, it is either due to an overload or damage to the cable. The shear protection effectively prevents damage to the cable outlet directly at the load cell. If the cable is damaged elsewhere, it can be replaced and the cell can be repaired inexpensively. Overloading can also be prevented with very simple means. After installation, the cell is simply loaded up to the nominal load in order to set a stop. This effectively prevents a load in excess of the nominal load and thus also an overload. So a cent item like z. For example, a screw can prevent costly repairs or the replacement of a load cell.


The degree of protection of the B10 bending beam load cell is IP67. This means that it is fully protected against the ingress of solid objects. Temporary immersion is also possible. This load cell is therefore ideally suited for use in the food and chemical industries. The B10 bending beam load cell also feels at home in other harsh industrial environments.


For more information, please refer to the data sheet, which we have made available for you to download. If additional information, stp files or other material is required, please contact one of our competent employees from our technical sales department.

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