Scale display WA-01

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Evaluation electronics WA-01   The WA-01 evaluation electronics from OMEGA Waagen... mehr
"Scale display WA-01"

Evaluation electronics WA-01


The WA-01 evaluation electronics from OMEGA Waagen GmbH impress with their high-quality appearance and haptics. The successful design reflects the high-quality workmanship in every detail. The backlit display enables fast recording of the weighing results. The 20 mm high digits are easy to read even from a distance. The keypad's pressure point is well balanced and operation is confirmed with a signal tone.

Milled from a solid aluminium block, it meets OMEGA Waagen GmbH's high quality standards for the entire product range. A glass bead blasted finish produces an excellent haptic and high-quality appearance. The colour scheme is reflected in the corporate design of the company. The lid is anodised in anthracite. The engraved OMEGA label with the product designation WA-01 allows conclusions to be drawn about the high level of craftsmanship.

Protection class

With protection class IP67, even temporary immersion is possible. This is achieved by only a few passages through the housing, which are fitted with seals. Both housing parts are protected by a sealing tape. This makes it almost impossible for water to penetrate. The evaluation electronics WA-01 is therefore suitable for use in a rough industrial environment as well as outdoors.

The keypad is also glued over its entire surface, thus preventing the ingress of dirt and moisture. An effective protection of the internal electronics is thus guaranteed.

Power supply

The internal power supply allows 48 hours continuous operation under full load, even with backlighting. Charging is done via the included power supply, which is connected via USB. Charging from other power sources (e.g. laptop) via USB is also possible. While the WA-01 evaluation electronics are charging, further operation is possible.

Data transmission

With the WA-01 you get a full scale evaluation with numerous possibilities of data transmission:





This covers the most important variants of data transmission, but of course we can also meet your special requirements.

Connection options

The WA-01 can be connected to single load cells, small and large platforms and many other applications. The functions are many and varied and ensure a wide range of applications:

ØDisplay with high resolution (x10)

ØSwitchover LB / kg

ØFree conversion factor (for counting systems, flow measurement)

Ø Weight summation Gewichtssummierung

Ø Formulation Rezeptur

Ø Percentage weighing Prozentwiegung

Ø Parts Counting Stückzählung

Ø Holding function Haltefunktion


Extended by the appropriate software, the detection of weight peaks or kg / N conversion is possible. Further technical features in the overview:

Ø24-bit A/D converter

Ø4 channel sigma/delta

ØUp to 200 conversions per second

ØUp to 8 linearity points

Ø10,000 e or 3 x 3,000 e as multiple range scale (verified)

ØUp to 8 load cells with 350 Ohm can be connected

ØUp to 16 load cells with 700 Ohm can be connected

ØAdjustment and setup via keyboard or PC


This means that the WA-01 evaluation electronics is certainly the right choice for your application. 


The WA-01 is approved for use in legal metrology with the 0200-NAWI-07985 approval. It may be used for Class III and IIII weighing instruments up to a maximum weighing capacity of 500,000 kg.


Made in Germany

We are proud that our scale indicator WA-01 has earned the title "Made in Germany". Together with our suppliers, we have been able to realize an extremely high-quality product solution at competitive prices. Most of the components are manufactured in Germany with excellent craftsmanship and quality. We rely on our network of selected suppliers who meet our requirements for reliability and product quality.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our suppliers, who have made the implementation of our product idea possible with a lot of enthusiasm. The wealth of experience of our suppliers also flowed into our product, which enabled us to achieve significant improvements. Only a close and trustful cooperation made the fast and precise development of our evaluation electronics WA-01 possible.

The final production process, which also includes final testing, is carried out in our own production facility by well-trained employees. The continuous improvement process is required by DIN EN 9001:2015 and is lived by us. Thus we always offer you the best product solutions for your applications.

More questions?


Please feel free to contact our motivated sales team. Our employees will be happy to answer your questions about our products. Your task is our drive!


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