Evaluation electronics WA-08

Evaluation electronics WA-08
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Evalutation electronics WA-08 With the WA-08 evaluation electronics from OMEGA Waagen... mehr
"Evaluation electronics WA-08"

Evalutation electronics WA-08

With the WA-08 evaluation electronics from OMEGA Waagen GmbH you get the high-end product in weighing technology. In the high-quality stainless steel housing, the sophisticated electronics find their place and ensure almost unlimited application possibilities. The 8 inch touch display supports the functionality and ensures easy application. Especially the food industry benefits from highest product quality.

The cable gland in combination with the seal and the stainless-steel PG glands ensures a very high degree of tightness against the penetration of dirt and water. On request, the display can be protected with a stainless steel mesh against damage from external influences. Of course this still allows the display to be read.

Protection Class

A stainless steel display in perfect quality must be protected against external influences to make as many applications as possible possible. The protection class IP68 even allows permanent immersion! Complete protection against the ingress of dust and dirt is a matter of course and is also covered by the high protection class.

In some branches of industry, thorough cleaning during and after the production process is absolutely necessary and can be implemented with our WA-08. Convince yourself of the extraordinary product quality.

Power Supply

The internal power supply unit allows power to be supplied via a standard socket. Just plug it in and you are ready to go. There is no need for a complicated setup, as we already do this for you according to your specifications.

Data Trasmission

The evaluation electronics is the master in data transmission. Many connection options are already provided ex works, others can be ordered directly on request:

ØEthernet Port

ØRS232 serial interface with RJ45 connector

ØRS232 serial interface with clamp connection

ØSerial interface RS232 / RS485 with clamp connection

ØInput with keyboard emulation

Ø4 optoisolated outputs (expandable up to 16)

Ø2 opto-isolated inputs (expandable up to 8)

ØExternal Profibus interface (optional)

ØModbus RTU interface

ØBluetooth interface (optional)

ØAnalog output DAC160 (optional)


All necessary inputs and outputs are covered by this extensive equipment. A USB port for data storage on a USB stick is optionally available. Radio modules, internal or external, are also optionally available, as is an internal W-LAN interface.

what can the WA-08 do?

The question "What can the WA-08 not do" is probably easy to answer. We will go out on a limb here and simply answer: "It can do everything! With the WA-08 you get the all-rounder that is also suitable for very special applications. It is practically impossible to list all possible applications, as these can be extended to an unlimited number of applications using optionally available software. 

But we do not want to withhold a few small details from you. The following list makes no claim to completeness:

Ø8-inch (160 x 120 mm) backlit resistive touchscreen display

     Graphic display, color

ØSuitable for use with gloves

ØStainless steel housing, protection class IP68

ØMultilingual software

ØOwn languages can be created via a tool

ØLED signal light

ØAdjustable keyboard (QWERTY, AZERTY, QWERTZ)

ØReal-time clock and permanent data storage

ØConfiguration, data entry and print formatting via software

ØConfiguration, saisie des données et formatage de l'impression via un logiciel

ØSaving the configuration on a PC

ØLayout adaptation via PC

Ø24-bit, 4-channel A/D converter

ØUp to 3,200 conversions per second

ØUp to 16 load cells of 350 Ohm each can be connected.

ØUp to 45 load cells per 1000 Ohm can be connected.

ØDigital sensors can be connected

ØUp to 10,000e or 3 x 3,000e in calibrated version

ØUp to 1,000,000 digit steps can be displayed

ØUp to 3,000,000 internal resolution


Compare it to the competition. Then come back and buy the BEST product at an unbeatable price!


Soberly considered, a certificate is one or more sheets of paper. Like the registration of a passenger car, however, there is a little more behind it. Certificates and approvals confirm compliance with directives, laws and standards, and are the only things that make it possible to use them in special areas of commercial use. We have obtained the most important approvals and certificates for our WA-08 evaluation electronics, so that you are neither restricted in use nor can you act outside the law. Legal security which is checked again and again:

ØEU approval according to DIN EN 45501:2015

ØOIML R76 Certificate


ØOIML R134 (AF09)

ØATEX Declaration


You need further permits or certificates


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