Weighing module for shear rod load cells SKSB

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Weighing module for shear rod load cells SKSB This weighing module is suitable for A10,... mehr
"Weighing module for shear rod load cells SKSB"

Weighing module for shear rod load cells SKSB

This weighing module is suitable for A10, A30 and A40 shear rods. It can hold loads up to 5,000 kg and is made of stainless steel. The base plate is provided with 4 hole holes for mounting on a concrete slab. On the base plate is the load cell holder, on which the load cell is attached by means of the included screws. The load absorption is represented by a load foot with elastomer. On it is attached the lifting protection to which your construction, your container is attached.

The weighing module ensures easy and safe installation. The load bearing with an elastomer ensures a safe load introduction for perfect weighing results. The load holder is height-adjustable so that the container can be aligned.

When using this load module, the highest possible resolution of the load cell is achievable. The weighing module is available for up to 2 t. In addition to a meaningful drawing, the data sheet also contains further information about this assembly module. Our sales teamwill also be happy to answer any questions you may have about the product.

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