Floor Scale BW-01 - 1000 x 1000 mm

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Lifting device floor scales
Lifting device floor scales
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Floor Scale BW-01 – 1000 x 1000   mm With the BW-01 weighing bridge, you get a... mehr
"Floor Scale BW-01 - 1000 x 1000 mm"

Floor Scale BW-01 – 1000 x 1000 mm

With the BW-01 weighing bridge, you get a platform that is predestined for use in harsh industrial environments. With dimensions of 1000 x 1000 mm and a height of 80 mm, the compact floor scale can fulfil many tasks:



Why the weighing bridge BW-01

The advantages of our weighing bridge BW-01 1000 x 1000 mm lie in the well thought-out construction, the production location Germany and the competitive price. That's why the weighing bridge is your next choice:


Ø  Material thickness 6 mm - most competitors have a maximum of 5 mm

Ø  Made in Germany – is written on it by many, but is often not in it

Ø  Elaborate construction - the construction makes the difference

Ø  4 load cells – have almost all, but ours are adapted to the weighing area

Ø  Stainless steel clamping and trim box – often also in competition, but also in IP69K?

Ø  Evaluation included – also often in the competition, but what can it do?

Ø  Calibrated – many competitive products too, but in the case of multi-range, it often stops

Ø  Calibrated - Each scale is calibrated, but for how long?

Ø  Competitive price - not cheap, but reasonable. Comparative products cost much more.

Ø  Sophisticated accessories – to make the scale even more versatile.


Material thickness 6 mm

For many competitors, it stops at 5 mm material thickness. Together with the design, however, this is very important for precise measurement results. The scale must not deform, either for a short time or permanently. The durability is also significantly better with greater material thickness than with thin material.


Made in Germany

The complete construction of the BW-01 weighing bridge takes place in Germany. Metal processing is also carried out exclusively in Germany. All components are assembled at the Vechta site and the aclosing adjustment and calibration is alsocarried out here.   Small parts also come from other countries, but are subject to 100% control at our production site in Vechta.


This is Made in Germany. Ask competitors where they produce. Most of the products in our price range come from China or Eastern Europe. Basically not reprehensible, but if "Made in Germany" is advertised already.


Elaborate construction

OMEGA Waagen GmbH employsits own designers. Professionally, they go to every new task and develop scales with the know-how of the entire company, which keep our promises. Take a look at our floor scales from below – elaborately designed and welded, reinforced on the  load cell holders – this is what scales must look like. Perfection down to the smallest part.


Load cells

Depending on the weighing range, we use bending rod weighing cells or shear rod weighing cells. In the standard, they have the protection class IP67, but can also be executed in stainless steel with the protection class IP69K on request. They correspond to the accuracy class C3 and on request C6 load cells can be installed. This makes high-resolution, calibrated applications feasible. Multi-range scales can also be implemented with C6 load cells.  Precision where it is needed.


Stainless steel clamping and trim box

The clamping and trim box is made of stainless steel and has the protection class IP67. On request, this can also be carried out in protection class IP69K. An optional ARTEX certificate makes it possible to use it in potentially explosive atmospheres.


Evaluation included


With the weighing bridge BW-01 you get our evaluation WA-01. The functions of the WA-01 are briefly listed here:


Ø  Basic

Ø  Pre-Tara

Ø  Archive 30 Tara values

Ø  Switching kg / lbs

Ø  Weighing with high resolution

Ø  Sum

Ø  Stückzählen

Ø  Prozentwägung

Ø  KEEP Function

Ø  Display gross /net weight

Ø  Relay outputs



The basic functions include switching the balance on/off, as well as zeroing the evaluation. An automatic tare can be entered and, of course, deleted again. When a printer is connected, an expression can be printed at the touch of a button. The pressure is customizable. The backlight can be individually adapted to the prevailing conditions.


tare value can be enteredvia the function keys.  This is then deducted directly. This is useful in applications where the same or several identical containers of the same weight are always used. Thus, the  tare weight only has to be determined once and can be deducted directly.


Archive 30 Tara values

The most commonly used tare values are stored and a quick selection is provided. Up to 30  tare values are stored. This application makes sense in the storage area, where identical containers are often used.


Switching kg / lbs

With just one push of a button, the display changes from kg to lbs. This allows you to quickly and easily switch between values.


Weighing with high resolution

The high-resolution function can be set via the configuration menu. This is not comparable to the high-resolution scale. If you assign a high-resolution scale, the specified weighing range is preset with the corresponding resolution and calibrated accordingly. In addition, you can display another location on the display. This function is available for a few seconds each time you weigh.


If a weighing scale with weighing range of 3,000 kg and a resolution of 1,000 g is assigned to .B, you can resolve it with 100 g for a short time using this function. If the same scale is assigned to 200 g in high resolution, you can use this function to display another position, i.e. 10 g in the display.



Several weighings are added up to a total weight. If a printer is connected, the result can be printed. All individual trades and the overall result are printed. The respective tara is also represented on the expression.


For pickings, the sum function is very helpful. It also makes it much easier to work when loading. When mixing different components, the individual components and the correct mixing ratio can be done easily and recorded on the printout for the documentation.


Piece counting

The piece counting is easy to implement with this scale. First, a possible tare (carton, box, etc.) is extracted. A reference quantity is then applied to the scale. Now it is filled into the box. During the process, you can switch between the weight and counting display at any time. When the desired quantity is reached, a print can be output.


A known unit weight can also be entered via the keyboard. A quantity check can also be carried out on this. Thehigh-low-go function is also helpful. Tolerance values are set, which are freely selectable. The display then displays "ok", "under"or "over" according to the weight and tolerancevalue.


Percent weighing

This function is particularly useful for a formulation or dosing of several components. A formula is stored which could look like this .B:


1.     Component A         20%

2.     Component B         30%

3.     Water                     50%


The total quantity to be produced is entered in weight and then complete the recipe according to the set percentage.


KEEP Function

With the weighing bridge BW-01 you get the WA-01 as an evaluation. This has the above functions and also the HOLD function. This keeps the weight in the display even after the balance has been relieved. Thus, even after a weighing process, the determined weight can still be read and documented.


Display gross /net weight

A tara is a prerequisite for displaying the gross/net weight. A pre-packaged product can thus be presented as a net weight or gross weight. This is important, for example.B when producing export documents. The   net weight and gross weight shall be indicated here.


Relay outputs

Optionally, a card with relay outputs is available. Signals can be realized on switches when reaching a preset weight value or a number of pieces. This allows operations to be automated.


Legal for trade

Of course, you also get the floor scale BW-01 as a calibrated scale. This will be delivered to you in a usiculable way. You can get the floor scale in accuracy class C3 or C6. For most competitors, C3 has reached the end of the possible.



All scales from OMEGA are calibrated, including the BW-01 floor scale. You can order an ISO calibration certificate or a DAkkS calibration directly at the time of ordering and then receive the balance in use with the corresponding certificate. You can also commission the annual tests from us, but also have them carried out by any specialist company.


Competitive price

You have certainly already looked at the competition – this is where your search comes to an end! There are cheaper floor scales. The choice of words was intentional! It is not for nothing that there is the saying "who buys cheaply, buys twice". Now that you know the advantages of our scale, compare with the competition. What we offer is premium quality from the manufacturer. No cheap imports, no concessions on quality to offer a lower price.


The best at the best price - OMEGA Waagen GmbH!



Mit der Wägebrücke BW-03 haben Sie die Wahl aus den verschiedenen Varianten:  ... mehr

Mit der Wägebrücke BW-03 haben Sie die Wahl aus den verschiedenen Varianten:





















Geeicht Jede Variante ist auch in geeichter Ausführung lieferbar. In der Auswahl können Sie... mehr


Jede Variante ist auch in geeichter Ausführung lieferbar. In der Auswahl können Sie sich Ihre Waage so zusammenstellen wie Sie sie benötigen. 



Mit einem Werkskalibrierschein, auch ISO-Kalibrierschein genannt, erfüllen Sie zumeist die Anforderungen der DIN EN ISO 9001. Bitte beachten Sie aber, dass wir uns an die DIN 45501 halten, welche auch die Grundlage für die Prüfung von geeichten Waagen bildet. Andere Hersteller bieten mitunter nur eine vereinfachte Form des Kalibrierscheins an, der nicht immer aussagekräftig ist.


DAkkS Kalibrierung

Weltweit anerkannt, Berücksichtigung von Messunsicherheiten - damit liegen Sie auf jeden Fall richtig. Gern führen wir die Prüfung entsprechend durch und lassen Ihnen den Prüfschein zukommen.


Für unsere Bodenwaage BW-03 bieten wir hochwertiges Zubehör an. Damit lässt sich die Effizienz... mehr

Für unsere Bodenwaage BW-03 bieten wir hochwertiges Zubehör an. Damit lässt sich die Effizienz deutlich steigern. Auch Ergonomie am Arbeitsplatz und Arbeitssicherheit sind wichtige Auswahlfaktoren für das passende Zubehör.


Ø    Hebevorrichtung Bodenwaagen

Für den sicheren Transport von Bodenwaagen und anderen

Flächigen Lasten.

Ø    Auffahrrampen

Damit kann die Bodenwaage BW-03 auch als Auffahr- oder

Überfahrwaage genutzt werden.

Ø    Grubenrahmen

Zur ebenerdigen Verwendung der Bodenwaage. Der Einbau

wird durch den Grubenrahmen vereinfacht.

Ø    Fußplattenset

Waagen im eichpflichtigen Verkehr müssen fixiert werden.

Dies erfolgt durch Rampen, Grubenrahmen oder Fußplatten.


Auch Sonderanfertigungen sind in diesem Bereich möglich. Durch unsere eigene Konstruktion und Produktion in Deutschland bieten wir die Umsetzung Ihrer besonderen Erfordernisse.

Hier stellen wir Ihnen Informationen zur Wägebrücke BW-03 1250 x 1250 zur Verfügung. Über einen... mehr

Hier stellen wir Ihnen Informationen zur Wägebrücke BW-03 1250 x 1250 zur Verfügung. Über einen Klick auf den Button gelangen Sie direkt zum Download des entsprechenden Dokuments.












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